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WHAT IS HUMAN RISK? 'human risk' is ‘the risk of people doing things they shouldn’t, or not doing things they should’. This includes everything from deliberate wrongdoing, such as fraud, to human error due to tiredness.  Human Risk, the company, helps clients to mitigate human risk. People are the biggest risk facing all organisations; whenever something goes wrong, there is a human component. Either causing the problem or making it worse. Using behavioural science-based techniques and a healthy dose of creativity, your ethics, compliance or risk programme can become more effective and cost-effective.

WHAT IS BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE? Behavioural science is the study of the real drivers of human decision-making. I combine academic research findings with tried and tested real-world case studies to develop practical, sustainable solutions to my client's human risk challenges.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS? Human Risk was founded in 2019 after I had spent several years developing and deploying behavioural science solutions in-house at UBS.

WHICH SECTORS AND COUNTRIES HAVE YOU WORKED WITH? I work with clients in a broad range of sectors & geographies. Although they all face different challenges, what unites them is a desire to adopt innovative approaches to managing human risk. They range from chemical weapons inspectors to regulators, banks to pharmaceuticals, manufacturers to utility providers, and tech startups to engineering companies. Since they all employ people, I can often bring lessons from one sector to another.

CAN YOU PROVIDE REFERENCES OR TESTIMONIALS? Yes. I can put you in contact with clients I’ve previously worked with, so you can hear directly from them how they found the experience.

WHAT SERVICES DO YOU OFFER? Human Risk offers on-demand content to inspire and train people to think differently about approaching Ethics and Compliance challenges. I also provide bespoke speaking, training, consulting and coaching services tailored to clients' needs.

WHERE ARE YOU BASED? Human Risk is based in London. Founder, Christian Hunt divides his time between London and Munich, travelling between the two cities by train. The company has clients all over the world and Christian makes himself available as required.

CAN WE BOOK YOU ‘IN PERSON’? Yes. For bespoke assignments, I work on both a virtual and ‘in person’ basis, with content designed to create the best participant experience for that format.

HOW DO I GET STARTED? If you’re new to human risk or behavioural science, I recommend starting with my book ‘Humanizing Rules’ and doing some of my online training modules.   For something more advanced or a bespoke solution for your organisation, book a free 15-minute consultation, and we can discuss a customised approach. To receive regular human risk-related content, subscribe to the Human Risk podcast, newsletter and social media feeds.

HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE? The fees I charge will depend on the nature and length of the assignment. I’ll be able to provide you with a detailed quote once we’ve discussed your needs and identified an appropriate solution. I aim to offer you value for money while ensuring I am incentivised to deliver my best.

WHAT'S YOUR APPROACH? Since each client has different needs, I adapt my approach to meet their specific requirements. My role is not to tell clients how to solve their problems but to work collaboratively to develop solutions. That way, I ensure that whatever we implement is practical, sustainable, and suitable for their environment. When deploying solutions, I want to ensure that my clients are 'bought in' and understand the basis of any ideas we develop together. This ensures they can take ownership of them — particularly in front of senior stakeholders and regulators — and can 'course correct' in future without my support.

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