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Want your employees onside when it comes to rules?

All is revealed in my new book,
now in bookstores 

Humanizing rules, ethics and compliance, human risk, christian hunt, behavioural science,

Newsflash: We’re only human, and when things go wrong in organisations, there’s always a human component

Humanizing Rules: Bringing Behavioural Science to Ethics and Compliance is jam-packed with practical tools to improve the level and quality of employee engagement, whilst being effective and sustainable.

What people say about the book

This book is a great read… Lots of practical tools to improve employee engagement and manage the human risk factor effectively and sustainably…

As someone who is passionate about building culture by focusing on people, the importance of humanised training and education in the book resonates well and is highly recommended!

Available worldwide...

Humanizing Rules: Bringing Behavioural Science to Ethics and Compliance
gives you the tools to get people to do what you want, without pissing them off.







Want to power-up your human risk radars?

'Humanizing Rules’ is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to apply behavioural science to their ethics and compliance programme.

The book provides actionable frameworks, case studies and real-life examples to help you effectively manage human risk. Whether you're looking to improve your current programme or start from scratch, it’s a practical go-to resource for managing human risk.

Human Risk podcast, Christian hunt, behavioural science, ethics and compliance

While you wait...

Catch up on the latest Human Risk podcast 


Listen to fascinating insights from people who have researched or experienced human risk first hand

What is human risk? Hear me explain to the Ethics Experts what it means and why it matters.


Hear why bringing behavioural science to ethics and compliance is critical and how we can practically do it. I also explore the vital roles played by creativity and counter-intuitive thinking in solving problems.

Human Risk podcast, Christian hunt explains to ethics experts what human risk means and why it matters
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