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If you're employing people, you're running human risk – I can help you mitigate it.

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I help organisations improve their ethics and compliance programme to achieve business outcomes, fast.

What is Human Risk?

When things go wrong in organisations, there is always a human component.


People either cause problems or make them worse by the way in which they react to them.

Or don't.


Yet traditional approaches to ethics & compliance often fail to consider behavioural drivers and mitigate risk by thinking about the way we would like people to behave, rather than the way they are likely to behave.


There can be a disconnect between the drivers of risk within companies and how they’re mitigated via ethics & compliance programmes.


And so Human Risk the company steps in.




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Christian Hunt: The man behind Human Risk

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I have over 27 years of experience in Financial Services, working in Investment Banking, Asset Management and a Family Office.


I benefit from the unique perspective of having held senior roles as both a Regulator and Risk & Compliance Officer:

Bank of England logo

Managing Director & Head of Behavioural Science


Global Head of Compliance & Operational Risk Control

UBS Asset Management

Chief Operating Officer

Prudential Regulation Authority

Head of Department, International Banking Supervision

What people say

Christian delivered the opening session of our virtual Risk and Compliance forum. In a year full of video calls, Christian managed to engage and excite the 150 people on the call.

His passion for bringing behavioural science to compliance is inspiring, and we received great feedback from our Risk and Compliance communities and our General Counsel.
I highly recommend Christian.

Warwick Carruthers

Get to know me a bit more

Catch up on the Human Risk Podcast

How does the human brain perceive risk? On this episode I’m joined by statistician and pre-eminent risk communication expert Professor David Spiegelhalter.


David explains how the way in which the human brain perceives risk can lead us to misjudge it. By looking for explanations for events, we may identify connections and correlations that don’t actually exist.

Human Risk podcast, Christian Hunt with guest Professor David Spiegelhalter
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Hear more fascinating insights from people who have experienced human risk first hand.

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