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Chief Behavioural Officer

Deloitte has just published a report entitled The Future Of Risk in which they highlight ten trends impacting the risk landscape for companies. I’m delighted to see that the third trend they highlight is the importance of behavioural science. I particularly like the idea of a Chief Behavioural Officer.

“Behavioral science is the study of human behavior through systematic research and scientific methods, drawing from psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, and the social sciences. There is increasing demand for these skills in the business world—including risk organizations. What drives risky behavior? How do cognitive biases lead people to wrongly assess risk? How can risky behaviors be detected and modified? These are the types of questions leading organizations are looking to answer with behavioral science. In fact, some Fortune 500 companies today even have a Chief Behavioral Officer at the C-suite level”.

The entire report is available via the link above and is well worth a read.


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