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Human Risk in a sketch

Every week, my friend Jono Hey produces a newsletter called Sketchplanations. As the name implies, it’s something explained through the use of a sketch.

Last week, he tackled Human Risk with the following image:

To find out the story behind the sketch, visit the Sketchplanations website. While you’re there, take a look at some of the others he’s produced. There are plenty covering BeSci topics and you’ll find them appearing from time to time in my newsletter as well.

I also highly recommend signing up for the weekly Sketchplanations newsletter. Each week I’m astounded and delighted by what lands in my inbox.

Making complicated things seem simple takes effort and, in the case of the sketches, talent. But it also illustrates (pun intended) a simple BeSci lesson of the power of engaging a target audience.

My thanks to Jono for his creation and support.


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