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Don’t be Silly Billy, watch this CoVideo

A CoVideo with a difference

If you work in Compliance, Risk, HR or any other function that involves training people, then there’s a Coronavirus Safety Video (CoVideo) I really need you to watch.

But it’s not one that’s been made by a governmental or health body.

Its creator is Eggsy, a cooly-named 22-year-old film studies graduate.

That’s her on the left.

Unsurprisingly, that means it’s not your typical CoVideo.

And it’s probably not something you’ve seen.

Which is also unsurprising, because you’re not her target audience.

Eggsy became frustrated by the fact that many of her friends weren’t following the government guidelines. And she wanted to do something about it.

The reason people of Eggsy’s age group weren’t following the guidelines, wasn’t because they were intentionally setting out to spread the virus.

It was because the government messages weren’t getting through to them.

So she stepped in and filled the gap with a CoVideo designed to speak specifically to people in her age group.

Why you’ve got to watch it…

The reason I want you to watch this video is that it’s a masterclass in how to communicate desired behaviour to a target audience.

It’s engaging, honest and incredibly clear. And it’s working.

I know that because it’s gone viral; in the digital sense.

But people aren’t just being entertained.

Eggsy’s been contacted by strangers telling her she finally helped them understand why they should stay in.

When I first saw the video, I naturally assumed that it was a government effort. Finally, something really engaging for young people!

But then I realised it wasn’t. The video wasn’t an official campaign; it was a remediation exercise.

Because the official campaigns were visibly not working.

As we’re seeing in many other aspects of this crisis, where governments fail, volunteers step up.

Get it right first time

The big lesson from Eggsy’s video is that to get a message across to a target audience, you need to understand what they’re thinking.

All too often, we prepare messages from the perspective of the people who already get it. After all, it’s easier when you’re preaching to the converted.

But they’re not the ones who need convincing.

Ideally, of course, you get that right in the first place.

Because it is easier to positively influence people before they’ve adopted the very behaviours you want them to avoid.

Which is why I’m preparing an explainer video for you, highlighting the techniques Eggsy has deployed so effectively; and the government campaigns didn’t.

That way you can avoid making the same (well-intentioned) mistakes they did.

I’ll post my video here and on social media.

I was so impressed by both the design and the execution of the video, that I invited Eggsy onto the Human Risk Podcast (Ep 27) to talk about it. Links to that below.

Don’t Be Silly Billy

For now, make sure you’ve seen Eggsy’s video and share it with those that need to see it.

Not just because my explainer will only make sense if you’ve seen the original. But also because the video is really good.

To hear about the ideas behind the video and how she went about making it from Eggsy herself, listen to the podcast. Either via the Spotify link below or on your usual podcast platform (search for Human Risk podcast).


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