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Not talking about it, won't make it go away

A 'golden rule' of risk management is that risk doesn't go away, just because you want it to. Not talking about something — and trying to prevent others from doing so — is not a good strategy.

This was neatly illustrated by current UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who told Sky News journalist Sam Coates off for asking him an entirely legitimate question. A reminder that if you don't want to be asked difficult questions, don't do interviews with journalists that are likely to ask them.

While it is understandable that Johnson might not want to talk about his own future & would prefer to concentrate on the COVID vaccination program, that's not the way journalism works. As he well knows having been one. Pretending there's a 'Golden Rule' that this question somehow broke, won't make the issue go away.

In fact, as singer Barbra Streisand learned to her cost, trying to stifle people's interest in something, makes them more, rather than less interested in it. The PM did an 8-minute interview, but it's this 30-second clip, not his comments on the vaccination program, that's turned into the story here.

There's a lesson for risk management as well — when there's a problem, there's little benefit from adopting Fight Club rules.


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