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Of course I share my passwords…

An astonishing admission on Twitter by Nadine Dorries, a UK member of Parliament, that she shares her login with her staff. It came to light as a government minister was investigated for apparently downloading pornography to his work computer. Dorries came to his defence, highlighting that password sharing was commonplace and therefore it might not be him that had downloaded it.

Whilst most members of Parliament appear to understand why downloading pornography at work is unacceptable, she’s clearly not the only one.

Given recent allegations of foreign government interference in the Brexit referendum and other high profile cases of cyber security breaches, you’d think that the UK Parliament would have very strong controls around access to its systems.

What’s astonishing is that this isn’t a technical issue: anyone with an ounce of cyber awareness would know what the risks of password sharing are. In most organisations it’s viewed as a serious disciplinary offence.

Technology might be getting ever more advanced, but it’s humans that continue to be the weak link.


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